New security, new challenges in the packaging technology – preparation of the different type pharmaceutical and consumer packaging with BRAILLE writing and development of protection against of counterfeit to use for printing methods.

The European Union requires to indicate certain information in the medication boxes with BRAILLE-writing to make it readable for blind people too. In the future this reason will supplement with the protection against of pharmaceutical products counterfeiting. The CLB Packaging Ltd. joined to this program, called KMOP-1.1.4-09-2009-0097 „Motivation of corporate innovation” to develop the most appropriate technology. Under this program the firm has won about 89 million HUF support to implement this project.


The aim of this project is to evolve different future marking solutions which can facilitate the quick and easy identification of CLB Packaging Ltd’s boxes and other packaging materials. Under this project different processes will be developed which can help to increase the firm’s share in the market of FMCG, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic producer companies.

The topic of this project covers to three segment:

  • RFID (identification with radio frequency): how it could be useable in the packagings
  • research of UV-infra barcode using in packagings
  • and the QR code using in packagings


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