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Project title:
Resource Efficiency by Replacing Plastics with Implications of Bioplastics especially in Packaging Industry
36 months
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Work programme topics addressed:
Resource Efficient Europe
Project coordinator:
CLB Packaging Kft.

The bioplastics industry sees a bright future ahead. Climate protection and intelligent use of natural resources will be essential policies of the 21st century.

The dissemination, acceptance and application of this complex idea and consciousness are of crucial importance in our age.

Our thinking is not focused on how can we manage and dispose this enormous amount of waste but on the other edge of the life cycle of plastic products, on their formation.

REPLACE project will accelerate the shift towards a resource-efficient, low-carbon Europe to achieve sustainable growth by increasing the efficiency of using materials and recycling through technology and service development to increase applications and implications of bioplastics instead of plastics.

We aim to discover new application areas and barriers of compostable bio-plastics and the most effective channels to public acceptance and awareness.

REPLACE will manage the transnational cooperation of 8 research-driven clusters by coordination of an SME.The participating regions are in different stage of development and geographically also represent several parts of Europe.

Although they have one common characteristic: they all think that resource-efficiency can be enhanced by use of bioplastics and building on their existing regional RTD potential they formulated a European level project consortium to reach this common, European level objective.

Three of the participating regions are so-called “mentoring regions, three of them are “mentored regions” and two regions are benefiting also from the project activities as bridging regions. On the basis of its geographical coverage, REPLACE project represents a bridge between the Eastern and Western part of Europe also.

List of participants:

Participant No.* Participant organisation name Country
1 (Coordinator) CLB Packaging Kft. Hungary
2 INNOREG Hungary
3 Budapest College of Communication, Business and Arts Hungary
4 Agency for the Support of Regional Development Košice, n.o. Slovakia
5 EL spol. s r.o. Slovakia
6 AM Inžiniering s.r.o. Slovakia
7 Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum Germany
8 CARTIF Technológiai Központ Spain
10 East Marmara Developing Agency (MARKA) Turkey
11 Korozo Turkey
12 SMER-Regional centre for the development of SMEE Serbia
13 University of Novi Sad, Faculty of technology Serbia
14 OSMOR Co. DOO Serbia
15 The Center for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (CEED) Montenegro
16 Montcarton LLC Montenegro
17 Montenegrin Investment Promotion Agency Montenegro

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